Pyrenees Event Management (P.E.M) operates with a wide roster of international acts. Founded by people with a vast experience in entertainment business P.E.M is not focused on any particular musical genre.

Our roster consists of legendary artists with cult status, fresh and new bands that are hot at the moment, godfathers of hip-hop and celebrity dj's. Friendly and exclusive releationship with artists that we  represent gives a possibility to offer our clients comfortable conditions for organizing music events.
We have serious approach and pay much attention to each detail of artist booking and organazing  shows. P.E.M takes care about all negotiations with the artist management, logistic, visa issues, techical rider and effective promotion of the gigs in media that coveres right target group. Our goal is to promote good music and to create resonance events both private and public.


Among artists we can contact immediately:

Asia Argento
Arnaud Rebotini
Nomi Ruiz
Viktoria Modesta
Marc Almond
Noblesse Oblige
Louie Austen
Rico Loop
Afrika Bambaataa
Gordon Edge
Boogaloo Stu
Crystal Waters
Jimi Tenor
Brandt Brauer Frick
Frederic Beigbeder
Laid Back
Robert Owens
Tasty Tim
Midnight Magic
Black Strobe
Grandmaster Flash
Hess is More
Alexander Robotnick
Moonlight Breakfast

and many others...

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