Pyrenees Event Management (P.E.M) founded by people with many years of experience in the entertainment business. Our agency's activities prove that we know how to make each event special, enjoyable and unforgettable.


Our office is located in Andorra - a multilingual and multicultural country, bordering France and Spain. So we are pleased to offer a full range of services for weddings, business tourism events, corporate and private events.


Andorra is a Europe´s tax heaven (VAT 4.5%, corporate tax 10%), so our prices are very competitive comparing with neighboring Spain and France.


We work with the best hotels and sites in France, Spain and Andorra, including castles and chalets. Among our partners are Michelin restaurants' chefs as well as car owners of exclusive sports cars and vintage carriages on offer.


Photo and video shooting is provided by professionals with experience of working with top European magazines, and who have also had their work presented in exhibitions in Paris, Madrid, Barcelona and Toulouse.


We are also ready to offer you the chance to work with a business tourism and take the lead in organizing conferences and workshops, providing you with a choice of the best business centres in France, Spain and Andorra.


A separate direction of our business is a booking agency. It coordinates with a huge range of international artists. We don't work specifically with any particular musical genre. We have previously collaborated with legendary artists with cult statuses, fresh and new bands that are hot at that moment, the godfathers of hip-hop and celebrity djs.


You give us a sketch - we create, on its basis, a complex artwork, offering and providing our clients with services which they might not know, but they gladly take.

We speak English, French, Catalan, Russian

All our services are available in Andorra, France and Spain



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